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Jun 16,2023 Source:Xipu material

China Merchants Securities: The increase in computing power drives the promotion of liquid cooling solutions, and fluorinated liquid ushers in development opportunities

The increase in computing power has led to an increase in the power density of the data center, which puts forward higher requirements for the cooling system. Compared with air cooling technology, liquid cooling technology has many advantages and may become the mainstream in the future.

Coolant is the key material of liquid cooling technology. Fluorocarbons have suitable dielectric constant, specific heat capacity, stability and safety, and are currently one of the most common and popular electronic equipment coolants. It is expected that with the increase in computing power, the market demand for data center coolants will increase rapidly.

Currently, electronic fluorinated fluid is mainly supplied by a few overseas companies, and domestic companies are in a state of speeding up to catch up, and the development space is promising.