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Company Overview

The company is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, and is committed to becoming a first-tier supplier of electronic-grade materials in the semiconductor market.

With years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and high sensitivity to market trends, Xipu Material Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing advanced materials for the semiconductor market.

Xipu Material Technology Co., Ltd. also provides one-stop fluorine-related services, combined with stable quality control, reasonable cost-effectiveness, additional technical solutions, our goal is to become a solution platform for the global advanced fluorine industry.

Shanghai Weizhen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhangzhou Xipu Materials Co., Ltd. The company is located at Y4, Room 513, 5th Floor, No. 13, Lane 16299, Puwei Road, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai

Environment Overview
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Development Path
The new plant will be completed on schedule in the third quarter of 2022
Develop fluorinated gas products and push them to the Chinese market
Started to build a new factory in Fujian (Zhangzhou Xipu)
Completed the first round of financing
Supply local bulk natural gas to Chinese local customers
Develop advanced integrated circuit precursors
Get your local Bulk Gas Authorized Distributor Certificate
To raise funds
Obtain the local fluorocarbon gas company Y authorized distributor certificate
Provide local laser gas for IC industry J company
Developed in cooperation with local Chinese laser gas suppliers
Supply of special gases from local suppliers for H companies in the integrated circuit industry
Supply of specialty gases from local suppliers for S companies in the integrated circuit industry
Provide Korean semiconductor tools for Chinese local customers
Supply local specialty gas to T company
Cooperate with Chinese local suppliers to develop specialty gas NF3
Established a trading company in Shanghai (Shanghai Meijia Chemical)